Gymshark Flex Leggings V3 Review

Gymshark Flex Leggings V3 Review

When you’re working out, it’s vital to have reliable clothing that won’t affect your performance.

There’s nothing worse than an unsupportive sports bra, ankle socks that keep rolling down or leggings that you have to constantly hike up.

Yet with so many activewear brands on the market, there’s not enough time or money to experiment with every product. This also usually means that when you find a product you like, you’ll often buy it again and again without being a little more adventurous.

Luckily for you, you have Style Range to give you an honest review of new products, so you don’t have to miss out.

Which brings me to review the brand new Gymshark Flex Leggings V3, which are available to buy in the UK from today (April 6) and retail for £32 a pair. They’ve already been released in the U.S. and people can’t get enough of them!

In this review, I’ll be putting the leggings to the test and addressing some of the most common pros and cons mentioned by other bloggers, such as sizing, colour and quality.



First impressions


The confirmation email was followed by an ‘out for delivery’ email that included a tracking number so I knew exactly where the parcel was. I was sent the leggings by ‘Express next day’ on a Thursday but they arrived the following Monday as next day delivery only applies Monday-Thursday before 3pm.


The leggings arrived neatly folded, alongside a little card that featured a motivational quote and photo. Once removed from the packaging, the impressive thickness of the leggings was very apparent but the small width of fabric that covers the midriff caused major concern. Would this really stretch over my lower abdomen and how would this differ for women with bigger/smaller waist measurements?

The colour of the leggings were pleasantly more vibrant than pictured online. I chose the Rich Purple Marl/Soft Lilac pair which, despite looking quite a muted purple shade in photos, are actually very purple in reality. I also chose the Black Marl/Black pair which have a much more matted finish than you’d expect in comparison to other leggings, such as the Nike Dri-FIT running tights. I liked the matte finish but questioned whether or not they would wick away sweat like the shinier pairs I’m used to. There was only one way to find out…


Trying them on for the first time

My measurements for your reference:

Height: 5’7″

Size: UK 8/ US 4



The small amount of material that covers your lower stomach is surprisingly stretchy, so it can be pulled up to sit below your belly button. Thankfully the fabric is much wider at the back so they sit quite high and cover your booty without any obvious stretching. Ladies with bigger glutes don’t need to worry about these struggling to fit at the back, as this style clearly caters for any booty gains you might have/want to achieve.


At 5’7″, I’m a few inches above national average height, yet both pairs of leggings were several inches longer than most full length leggings I’ve tried on in the past. This is a comment that several other bloggers have pin pointed as well. Gymshark also cleverly opted to print the label on the inside of the leggings rather than attach a huge care label like most other activewear brands do. This was ideal until I wanted to roll the leggings up to make them a little shorter and the printed label was exposed.


The label printed on the inside of the leggings.


Putting them to the test

So far the material and colours stood out as great selling points for the leggings, but the only real way to test these leggings would be to get my workout on. I headed to the – thankfully empty – gym to push these leggings to their limits with squats, lunges and more. Check out how they performed below.


Single Leg Deadlift

I had to pull the leggings up at the front before beginning this exercise, but the long leg length meant that they barely stretched as I moved. The two tones of colour look great for exercises like this.



The fit of the leggings allowed me to feel comfortable while performing a pike, and the two tone purple looks great here. However, there was a tiny tag sewn into the inside of the leggings (just under the waistband) with the Gymshark logo on it that scratched my skin as I moved. It may have been a fluke with this specific pair, but ultimately I had to cut it out.



As the label was printed on the inside of the leggings, rather than rolling them up, I folded them under to the desired length so the excess material was tucked up inside. I found the material extremely comfortable to run in and would recommend them to keep you warm when it’s cold outside yet ventilated when you start to sweat.


Leg Press

Thankfully, after pulling up the leggings as I sat down on the leg press equipment, the waistband stayed in the correct position throughout the duration of this exercise. The extra long material also meant that there was plenty of fabric behind my knees and so it didn’t look stretched as I performed.



The most important test for these leggings had to be the squat test – it’s every girl’s worst nightmare to be mid-squat and worry that the people behind her can see her underwear. Luckily the thickness of the leggings meant that you couldn’t see any colour/print through them, however any lace or texture might still show through. It’s a shame the lettering doesn’t match up at the seam, but I guess that’s an issue with sizing and manufacturing that can’t be helped.


TRX Handstand

Exercises such as a TRX handstand highlighted the lack of material and support that is needed from a pair of leggings. I was disappointed that I couldn’t rely on the leggings to stay up and keep my stomach covered whilst I was performing this move.


Bulgarian Lunges

Once in position to begin this exercise, you don’t want to keep picking up your weights and putting them back down again to rearrange your hair or your outfit – which is why I was glad I could rely on the leggings not to stretch or be restrictive.


Pull Up Bar Crunch

I found that any exercises on the pull up bar really showed the pitfalls of these leggings. You don’t want to be mid-movement and worry about your stomach hanging over the waistband, which is exactly what happened to me.



The constant change between bent knee and straight leg might push some thinner running tights past their limit, but these super stretchy Gymshark leggings didn’t show any major signs of tension. Plus you can really appreciate the cute lilac colour of the waistband here.


Kettlebell Swing

If you’re looking for a pair of leggings to highlight your assets, then look no further than the Gymshark Flex Leggings V3. The two tone – which is even slightly visible on the black pair too – makes your legs look leaner and your glutes look more curvaceous.



I washed the leggings with other workout clothes on a cool wash, without fabric conditioner and hung them out to air dry. After two or three washes the leggings haven’t shown any visible signs of wear on the elasticated waistband or the seams. Plus I was able to wash them with other colours without worrying about the colours running or transferring.

Tip* If you don’t want to wash your clothes straight away after a sweaty workout, make sure to hang them up to dry before washing instead of throwing them in a hamper or leaving them in your gym bag. Bunched up, wet clothes can harbour stinky mildew spores that are tough to get rid of in one wash.


So, would I recommend them?


  • Great material – thick and doesn’t show stretching
  • Two tone highlights your assets
  • High waistband at the back keeps your booty covered
  • No VPL
  • Original colours
  • Long leg length is great for yoga
  • Reasonable price


  • Waistband falls short at the front
  • Super long leg length
  • Tiny itchy logo tag – although this is easily removed with a good eye and sharp scissors


Overall, I would definitely recommend these leggings. For just £32 (which is much cheaper than a lot of performance leggings on the market today) you can rely on a thick pair of complementary leggings that rid you of any worries that come with thinner training tights. I was initially disappointed that the measurements didn’t seem right, but that might not bother other gym-enthusiasts who don’t mind their midriff being on show – we say if you’ve got abs, flaunt them! The longer length is also ideal for yoga and pilates if you want to achieve the yogi look by pulling the leggings down over your heels. Plus, if you don’t want to opt for a cool colour, the black pair are just as dependable for supporting you whilst you workout.


Where can you buy them?

Get yourself a pair of the new Gymshark Flex Leggings V3 on the Gymshark website now! But hurry, they’re selling out fast.



They’re available in Black, Rich Purple/Soft Lilac, Charcoal Marl/Turquoise and two totally new colours too; Light Grey Marl/Sherbet Pink, Blueberry Marl/Maine Blue.


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